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 Andy Parker 

 5th Congressional District


I am joining this race because you deserve better than what you’ve got in Washington. You deserve a representative who understands your daily challenges and works toward real solutions.


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Joshua Thorneburg

5th Congressional District

I am an ordained minister, small-business owner, and candidate for U.S. Congress in Virginia’s 5th District. I am running because now is the moment to lead with values of compassion and common sense. While many politicians focus on self-serving ambition, I’m fighting for a better tomorrow by taking on the climate crisis, reinvesting in our small towns, and dismantling systems of oppression.



Lunenburg School Board

District 2     Browns Store          Doug Aubel

District 4     Rehoboth                 Melaine Currin

District 6     Hounds Creek         Kathy Coffeemy 

Lunenburg Board of Supervisors 
District 2     Browns Store         Mike Hankins

District 4     Rehoboth                Charles R. Slayton

District 6     Hounds Creek        Alvester Edmonds

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