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2019 Candidates Senate and House of Delegates 


Local Government 

Trudy Berry

House of Delegates 61st District


As a mother of five children, with one son currently serving in the U.S. Army who has deployed twice to Afghanistan, and a grandmother of  thirteen, I have always tried to stay active in both family and community affairs. This has included volunteering at church, with the kids’ summer swim team, for a Little League team, and serving as a Cub Scout and Brownie Girl Scout Leader. I joined the Friends of the Victoria (VA) Public Library in 2011 and have served as Secretary since 2015 and also served as Secretary of the Lunenburg County Chamber of Commerce from 2014 to 2018, stepping down from that role to concentrate on my campaign for Delegate to the Virginia General Assembly. I am also an active member of the Lunenburg County Democratic Committee.

My service and justice oriented nature has guided me along life’s path. I wish to be of service to a wider community and have put that desire into action as a candidate for House District 61.


Mark Warner 


Dr. Cameron Webb

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